[100] Updates: Repeatable Marketing Ideas, Outsourcing Sales, & “Secret” SaaS Tiers

[100] Updates: Repeatable Marketing Ideas, Outsourcing Sales, & “Secret” SaaS Tiers

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Welcome to episode 100! Today we’re going to give an update on where we are in our businesses. Brian is still in Colorado and enjoying some family time, while Jordan is focusing on Carthook and its growth potential. Here is a summary of our updates with a few high points.

Brian’s Update:

Brian is in between his involvement with Big Snow Tiny Confs. He has attended the main one out in Vermont and has another one coming up at Beaver Creek, CO soon. Productize is also weighing heavy on his mind, since he is experiencing a slowdown in productivity. Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Improving Productize for customers and potential customers
  • Introducing a referral feature to AudienceOps
  • The decision to promote from within for a sales person
  • The need for writers and streamlining that process
  • A new app called Recruiterbox and the great customer service

Jordan’s Update:

Jordan is trying to find ways to keep Carthook in the forefront of people’s minds. He and  his team have reexamined their marketing strategies and are launching a new marketing page. They took inspiration from sites like LeadPages, Convert Kit, Drip, and The Clone Factory. The new site is based on the idea of “show don’t tell.” Some of the other topics we discussed are:

  • Carthook is now a customer of AudienceOps
  • Carthook’s new prices and the issues that can cause
  • A possible webinar in the future
  • Ways to keep new leads coming into Carthook
  • Improving Carthook’s optimization

So the boil down of today’s episode is we are both trying to make our businesses as optimal as possible. Whether that means hiring some new talent, or launching some new campaign.

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  • Thanks for a great episode Brian and Jordan! Right now I am working on a retail startup so really looking forward to that upcoming episode on e-commerce. I think both Audience Ops and Carthook would be “nice to haves” right from the get go.