2016 Recap & 2017 Goals

2016 Recap & 2017 Goals

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Well, 2016 is coming to an end. Today we’ll compare our goal lists from last year and reflect back on what went wrong  and what went right.   Carthook and Audience Ops have both grown and changed so let’s sit down and take a look at our 2016 results. We will also discuss our goals for 2017 and how we plan to make them happen.

This will be our last episode for 2016, and we’ll pick up next year.

Here’s today’s conversation points:

  • Why Jordan wasn’t able to bring Carthook into profitability.
  • Brian’s goal for Audience Ops and finding organic leads.
  • How to think bigger.
  • The problems Jordan had pivoting away from cart abandonment.
  • Audience Ops is diversifying its product line.
  • Beta users will be getting the Audience Ops Calendar.
  • Wanting 2017 to be a breakout year.
  • Why Brian went back to sales.
  • When to raise prices?
  • Working with kids in the house.
  • Working with teams during the holidays.
  • Jordan’s 2017 goals.
  • Brian’s 2017 goals.
  • When to give yourself a raise.

Have a Happy Holidays everybody and we’ll see you next year!

Resources Mentioned Today:


Audience Ops

Audience Ops Calendar


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