[68] Mike Taber on Life as a Single Founder

[68] Mike Taber on Life as a Single Founder

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This week we sit down with Mike Taber, co-host of the popular bootstrapped startup podcast Startups For the Rest of Us, the upcoming MicroConf startup conference, and AuditShark to talk about life as a founder of a bootstrapped startup. Mike recently transitioned from a mix of consulting and product work to entirely focusing on his startup work. This transition brought about a lot of changes and we dig into many of those with Mike.

We also find out what some of the biggest fears and challenges are in starting a business.

To top it off, Mike has recently written a book all about how to launch a bootstrapped startup, called the Single Founder Handbook. Mike’s book is a compliation of his experiences in successfully launching several boostrapped ventures and is a “guide” instead of an esoteric work.

Lastly, Mike offers his thoughts on being a Solo Founder vs having a Co-founder and the up’s and downs of each.

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