[72] Updates on AudienceOps and Carthook

[72] Updates on AudienceOps and Carthook

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This week Brian and Jordan catch up on the latest with their businesses.

Brian is gaining momentum with AudienceOps and getting those initial customers with the new business.  Traction is gaining steam and the first handful of customers have signed up for Brian’s new service.

Brian is using Nusii to create proposals and Stripe Checkout Pro plugin on his new site to accept new payments via Stripe.

Jordan is busy with podcasts.  He can be heard on TalkingCode where he offers advice on how to find a technical co-founder and on RougueStartups Jordan talks about the risks and rewards of leaving a high-paying job for the startup world.

Jordan discusses his plans to start an e-commerce podcast for CartHook.  Stay tuned for more on that in coming episodes.

Brian and Jordan also talk about the value of podcasting as another way of adding quality content and building audience trust.  This content medium is gaining momentum quickly and should be considered as a way to reach your target audience.

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