[74] Effective Positioning with Philip Morgan

[74] Effective Positioning with Philip Morgan

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Welcome to Episode 74 of Bootstrapped Web.  Jordan is out this week, but I’m excited to welcome my good friend Philip Morgan on to the podcast.

Philip is the founder of My Content Sherpa and Drip Sherpa, both of which are productized services around content marketing and drip email sequences, respectively.

Philip has also just launched a podcast called Consulting Pipeline Podcast, which is focused on how to get consultants a more robust pipeline.

Philip’s own consulting services are now starting to focus directly on working with development shops.  Focusing his positioning statement has helped him say no to more customers, while at the same time charging more and delivering more value to those he does serve.

Niching down and positioning yourself in a very definitive way can seem daunting at first, but Philip has found it liberating and has given him peace with the work he’s doing for customers.

Philip has literally “written the book” on how to position yourself, The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms.

Philip has put together a free 6 part email crash course on how to better position yourself within your niche.  Click here to get access.

You can reach out to Philip directly on Twitter @Philip_Morgan and on his website, PhilipMorganConsulting.com

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  • Just wanted to say:

    1) Thanks for the great conversation, Brian!

    2) Happy to answer any questions here about positioning!

    • Great conversation Philip, thanks for coming on! We’ll have to do a part 2 at some point.

      *Brian Casel*

  • So to the folks at home: what’s your biggest struggle with positioning? Is it…

    a. Don’t see the value.
    b. Don’t know how.
    c. Know how but skeered to death to change.
    d. Other?

  • Rick Dass

    Brian, I felt compelled to say this was the best ever episode of BW. Lots of value bombs and golden nuggets, and no frivolous chit chat. Hope to listen to more like this. 🙂

    • Thanks Rick! Ya Philip knows his stuff and shared a ton of value on this one. Definitely one of my favorites too.

    • Wanted to say thanks for the kind words, Rick! 🙂