[80] Brecht Palombo on Longterm Travel as an Entrepreneur

[80] Brecht Palombo on Longterm Travel as an Entrepreneur

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Brecht and his family left their New Hampshire home and headed out in an Airstream to Austin, Texas.  The trip to Austin developed into a plan to be on the road for almost a year.  In addition to Texas, their stops included Southern California, Oregon, Idaho.  They are back in New Hampshire and planning to hit the road again in about two weeks.

Jordan and his family left New York and flew to San Francisco.  Their stops included Berlin, Germany and Denver, Seattle, Portland and Miami.  They settled in Portland and have been there for about two years.

Brian and his family are preparing for their trip.  They plan to hit the road in September and travel around the country for most of the first year before traveling internationally.  They’ll use airbnb for scheduling places to stay.

Travel topics covered include:

• Purging yourself of excess belongings before your trip
• Heavy duty research before you leave and while traveling
• If you need to get your business to a certain state before you leave
• Coworking spaces and how to spend less time working
• Traveling with kids
• Dealing with the pushback from family and friends

Jordan says being an entrepreneur allows you to live an exceptional life and travel brings you closer to your goals for that life.  Brecht says that when getting pushback, you should discount what others say about your travel plans, it has no bearing on how it will go for you.  He would rather regret having done something than not having done something.

For more on Brecht, check out distressedpro.com or hit him up on Twitter @brechtify.  Also, check out his Bootstrapped with Kids podcast.

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