[93] 80/20 Hacks That Move the Needle for Us

[93] 80/20 Hacks That Move the Needle for Us

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Today we’re talking about a few tips that we’ve implemented in our lives that have had a larger than expected impact.

Brian’s inspiration for today’s podcast came from his plan to start running again. He’d always struggled and would start and stop, recently made a decision to do some research before he began again. He came across the “Pose Method” and significantly improved his running performance by making a few simple changes. He started to think about other ways small changes have made a big impact and today’s topic was born.


Jordan’s List

  • Take what you have right now and leverage it
  • Do a podcast
  • Stand while you work
  • Use technology to identify your best prospects
  • Use your resources – take advantage of all of your advantages

Brian’s List

  • Wake up early
  • Bulletproof Coffee/Bulletproof diet
  • Charge more for your services
  • Join a mastermind group
  • Focus on one big initiative at a time

Separate planning from execution. Ask yourself if certain tasks are going to contribute to achieving the goal I set for this month or this quarter. Determine the big goals, what I am working on, what I’m not working on and go from there.

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