[95] Rollercoaster Entrepreneurial Emotions, Working with Partners & Hiring Fast Enough

[95] Rollercoaster Entrepreneurial Emotions, Working with Partners & Hiring Fast Enough

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Jordan and Brian share their updates of their projects and the challenges that are ahead of them. December has became a roller coaster ride for both leaders. Today learn where the guys are in the day to day process of working with a team.

Jordan’s Update:

Jordan has been concerned with his productivity and the effectiveness of his team. They have been looking KPI (key performance indicators) and there have been some great trials and campaigns. Product was behind marketing, but soon marketing was behind product. Meaning Jordan was behind.

Besides the productivity issues Jordan is trying to find the best method of management.

Brian’s Update:

Brian has turned his attention to the Productize Course. He is designing upgrades and new content. Leads have tripled and are coming from more than just business connections. Brian is receiving inquiries from referrals, cold e-mail recipients, and new audience members. He is still primarily placing the sales calls.

Brian is trying to squeeze as much work into December as possible. He relates to Jordan’s management issues. He is having similar problems with a global online team. His current team is the largest he has ever managed.



Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • The importance of looking at a project at a month by month basis.
  • Working with a team for accountability.
  • How much information to share with prospective clients.

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