[96] Our 2015 Recap and 2016 Goals

[96] Our 2015 Recap and 2016 Goals

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Today is a 2016 goal setting episode. Jordan and Brian look back on their 2015 goals and share why or why not those worked or didn’t work. We will also discuss new goals for the upcoming year 2016.

Brian had a lot of goals centered around Resturant Engine, but he sold it in 2015. He had no idea that would leave Resturant Engine and open up Audience Ops. He also didn’t know that he would be traveling with his family for such a long period of time. Going into 2016 his goals are more flexible.

  • Pick one aspect of the business (including himself) to improve.
  • Release updates for Productize.
  • Possibly create a Productize podcast.
  • Write a book about Audience Ops.
  • Develop new plugins for Audience Ops.

Jordan feels he made a lot of excuses this year, He focused a lot on Carthook and he hired his first full time employee. There are some goals he feels he passed with flying colors and others that were epic fails. However he has taken the missteps of 2015 and applied the lessons to his 2016 goals. 

  • Bring Carthook into profitability.
  • Think bigger.


Both Jordan and Brian have learned that circumstances change and goals have to change with them. Aside from these professional goals, the guys discuss personal goals for themselves and their families. Join the guys today and set some 2016 goals professional or personal of your own.

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