[67] What Our Past Failures Taught Us

This week Brian and Jordan catch up on their latest updates in Restaurant Engine and CartHook.

Also, Microconf is just a few weeks away and both are getting ready for their attendee talks. Brian will be talking on inbound sales and Jordan will be talking on outbound sales.

We each share 3 of our previous failed entrepreneurial projects. Every time you launch something and put yourself out there you learn a lot about sales, marketing, partnerships, and focus. As long as you keep those lessons with you as you progress as an entrepreneur you’ll keep being more successful each time.

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[66] Decision Making to Move Your Startup Forward

In this episode Brian and Jordan talk about the decision making process they go through when deciding whether to move a new business idea forward.

After a couple of weeks of interviews this is a show where we catch up on the latest happenings in our businesses and talk about some plans for the future.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy – Episode #47

TropicalMBA Podcast – Episode 286 a response to Alex Blumberg’s “Startup” Podcast

Age and the Entrepreneur – Part 1: Some data

Brian’s blog post this week – Break Out of Decision Paralysis

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[65] Rob Walling on Drip, Microconf, and the Future of Bootstrapped Startups

In this episode of Bootstrapped Web we sit down for a chat with Rob Walling.  Rob is a founder of several self-funded startups including HitTail and Drip, co-host of the ZenFounder and Startups For The Rest of Us  podcasts,  and co-host of Microconf.

Today we catch up with Rob to talk about what’s new with Drip, his main project.  Drip is an email marketing SAAS product that is really revolutionizing how email marketing is being done.  Rob talks about how Drip has recently experienced a strong growth trend, how the product is offering enough added value for him to consider a change in pricing strategy, and some of the considerations around a growing product.

Just under a month away is Microconf in Las Vegas, the highlight of the year for bootstrapped startup founders everywhere.  Both Brian and Jordan will be giving attendee talks this year, which is always the highlight of the conference for everyone.

But Rob’s newest venture is the podcast he recently launched with his wife and clinical psychologist, Sherry Walling.  The Zen Founder podcast touches on the softer side of the startup world, with a focus on the balance of family and work priorities.  Take a listen, we think you’ll really enjoy it.

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