We’re back! Working Vacation, Too Much Transparency, & Product Updates

Hello there! We are back at Bootstrapped Web after a month long hiatus. Brian spent some time overseas with his family. Jordan did the same state side. On today’s episode we talk about what is going on with our respective companies and how those developments are going to change the podcast.

We also discuss the status of the Audience Op’s calendar and other projects in the pipeline.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s family visit.
  • The challenges of working abroad.
  • What Jordan was up to during the hiatus.
  • Working to improve Carthook’s Shopify checkout.
  • The problem with transparency.
  • How Bootstrapped Web is going to move away from transparency.
  • Josh Pigford’s recent blog post.
  • Getting ready for Big Snow Tiny Conf.
  • An update about Audience Op’s Calendar.
  • Brian’s plans for webinars.
  • The problem with webinars.
  • How video can help a demo.
  • How webinars and demos have changed.
  • Jordan’s Starve Ups experience.

Resources Mentioned Today:


Getting out of the Startup Rat Race, by: Josh Pigford

Big Snow Tiny Conf.

Audience Ops Calendar

Starve Ups

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