The Bootstrapper’s Search For Meaning

The Bootstrapper’s Search For Meaning

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Today’s episode we give an update on our businesses and the on-going projects we have coming up. There is some travel on the horizon for Jordan and Brian both. Jordan is going for business and Brian for personal.

Audience Ops has really honed in on sales and improving the sales process. The training product is on hold and Brian is focusing on using webinars to bring in sales. The webinars are basically live demos of the service. He has one under his belt and has one planned for July 26th.

Carthook is also using webinars to sell their product. Jordan has hired some top notch team members to make the best quality webinars they can. Jordan also has an invitation to speak at conference in Barcelona. The conference is for people working with affiliates and are part of the emerging ecommerce wave.

On today’s episode we share our webinar experiences and what is going on in our businesses. We also talk about how an entrepreneur/founder can find passion in his business and not be a slave to the bottom line.

The points we covered today are:

  • Brian’s summer and future travel plans
  • Jordan’s trip to Berlin
  • Jordan’s invite to Barcelona and the conference where he will be speaking
  • Audience Ops changing sales approach
  • Winning the Long Game webinar
  • Carthook’s first webinar
  • Where is the “passion” in ecommerce?

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