Bootstrapping Reality / Technical cofounders / New Management

Bootstrapping Reality / Technical cofounders / New Management

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Today’s episode is a straightforward update episode for us. Brian is moving forward with ProcessKit and reflects on his goals for the project. Jordan celebrates the awesome team he has built over at Carthook and shares what it is like to step back and see the machine run.

We have been traveling for various reasons. Brian has just came back from Martha’s Vineyard and he shares some of the takeaways he took away from that conference. Jordan visited his Slovenia team recently and has some exciting growth to share.  We discuss the benefits of conferences and why we enjoy them. Brian has some experience with Big Snow Tiny Conf, so he weighs in on it from the organizer’s prospective.

We talk about the work of Justin Jackson and all the good he is doing for the bootstrapped community. Owning your own business is tough and it isn’t glamorous. We talk about how bootstrapping has changed and how parts of it will always stay the same.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Our latest travel stories.
  • Brian’s time in Martha’s Vineyard.
  • What it is like to plan mini-conferences.
  • An update on ProcessKit.
  • What Brian is looking for in a business partner.
  • The decisions Brian made during Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Jordan’s trip to Slovenia.
  • Carthook’s success.
  • How Carthook’s new development system is building a roadmap for customers.
  • Justin Jackson’s work and what it is doing for the bootstrapped community.
  • The romanticizing of bootstrapping and venture capital avenues.
  • The ups and downs of owning a business.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Big Snow Tiny Conf.





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