[38] Building an Audience-Based Business with Justin Jackson

[38] Building an Audience-Based Business with Justin Jackson

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Justin Jackson not only built a sizable audience built on the highly valuable content he shares on his blog, newsletter, and podcast… He successfully monetizes with premium courses and private community products.  Oh, and he also works a full-time job and has four kids (what?!).  We dig into all of it in this episode.


Brian’s update:

  • I spent the last 2 months preparing to switch from Mailchimp to Drip.  They’ve been adding automation features, which is what I need most, but I’ve been finding lots of other cool features, like it’s built-in site analytics and conversion reports.
  • Brad Tousnard and I are planning to release early-bird tickets to BigSnowTinyConf.com sometime in September.

Jordan’s update:

  • New CartHook features coming along nicely, ready for release by mid-September
  • Sales funnel course in its last week
  • Client projects wrapping up and the plate is being cleared, I’m like a crossbow with its string drawn back right now, lots of potential energy built up about to turn into kinetic energy in September
  • Another really interesting experience related to our “think big” conversation last week, happened during a pitch/call with a potential client.

In this episode…

  • How does Justin Jackson find the time to do what he does online—AND keep a full-time job and a family of 6?
  • We dig into the WHY of building an audience.  Why does it matter?  How does it help advance a business?
  • Then we get into the HOW.  How exactly does Justin’s produce something that resonates and deliver it every Saturday in his newsletter?
  • We talked a lot about empathy, and what it means to have empathy for your audience, and how this helps produce real results.
  • And we talked all about Justin’s recent course launch, his sequence of events, how it went and where he’s going next.


  • Had a great time on the show fellas! Thanks for having me.

    • jordangal

      Thanks for coming on. Great conversation and insight.