[47] Business Models for Bootstrappers

[47] Business Models for Bootstrappers

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There are an endless number of ways to make money online. But you’ve gotta pick the right business models at the right times. Today’s episode focuses on business models for bootstrappers, and how to decide which ones to pursue at different stages of the game.

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Brian’s update:

  • Sketchnotes Handbook by Mike Rhode – http://rohdesign.com/sketchnotes/ (discovered it on Product People)

    Jordan’s update:

    • Really proud of the previous episode on family businesses.
    • Trying to loosen up more and remember to stay aware of my mood and happiness. If I don’t consciously pay attention to it I tend to drift toward stress and impatience. Not cool for anyone, but especially when you’ve got little kids.
    • CartHook is keeping up the momentum, I’ve hired a few people to help with SEO and content writing, and the search for developers looks like it’s all going to work out after all.
    • Taking a page out of Brian’s book and planning for the next few months, which is always eye-opening.

    In This Episode…

    Different business models for different stages of the game:

    • Phase 1:  Employed
      • Goal:  Go out on your own, and replace your income
    • Phase 2:  Freelancing (client work)
      • Goal:  Move beyond trading time for money
    • Phase 3:  Launched product 1
      • Goal:  Traction and moving forward
    • Phase 4:  Growing a company
      • Goal:  Go big / double down / multiply