Catching up! Managing Runway, Marketing Assets & Team Growth

Catching up! Managing Runway, Marketing Assets & Team Growth

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Welcome back to Bootstrapped Web! We took a bit of hiatus this summer but we have some great updates and insights to share from our time away. Jordan has grown his team from 4 to 11 people. He shares how the change has impacted how they do business and work internally. Brian has finally taken a full step back from Audience Ops and can now focus on Ops Calendar. He gives the audience an update on his progress and why he thinks he should have backed off sooner.

We also discuss Big Snow Tiny Conf and the changes the startup world has had to adjust to with the current state of the financial sector. We have some really deep conversation about what it means to run a SaaS business during this episode, so tune in. It’s great to be back!  

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Our vacation times.
  • Big Snow Tiny Conf.
  • Jordan’s bigger and better team.
  • The benefits of having a “marketing manager.”
  • Brian’s step back from Audience Ops, and why he wishes he did it sooner.
  • The update on Ops Calendar.
  • The reality of running a SaaS business.
  • How the financial choices for startups have gotten a lot grayer over time.

If you are interested in Big Snow Tiny Conf, there is a link below. As usually there will be two events in 2018. The Sugarbush Mountain, Vermont conference will be January 22-25 and the Beaver Creek, Colorado conference will February 5-8. To get tickets to these events you need to be a part of the email list so check out the link to get your name on our list.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Big Snow Tiny Conf


Ops Calendar


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