Conference Strategy, Webinar Funnels, & Lead Developers

Conference Strategy, Webinar Funnels, & Lead Developers

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We are back to discuss the exciting and frustrating things going on with our businesses. Jordan has a lot on his plate including launching 15-20 new features and a few industry conferences; he will be attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego, as well as, speaking at MicroConf Growth in Las Vegas.

Brian of course also has a lot coming down the pipeline. He gives the audience an update on his new direction for the Productize course and the webinars he is producing on his site.

The theme for today’s episode is customer outreach. We both compare our styles of marketing and networking and share what has worked well in the past. We also discuss the upcoming challenges we see in our companies and talk about proactive steps we can take to make the process smoother.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s preparation for the Traffic and Conversion Summit.
  • Traveling for business and keeping up.
  • Carthook’s upcoming new features and how to announce it.
  • Tips for smart networking at conferences.
  • Jordan’s invitation to speak at MicroConf.
  • Brian’s laser focus on Productize.
  • Recent feedback about Ops Calendar and how that is changing Brian’s plans.
  • The process Jordan and his team have developed for updating Carthook’s features.
  • The best examples of marketing a large scale update.
  • The journey to building an online community around your product.
  • How transparent should a business be with these communities?
  • Brian’s yearly plan for Productize and Scale (the new name of CasJam.)
  • The live webinar Brian is offering on his site.
  • How Russell Brunson’s work has helped Brian.
  • Jordan’s upcoming webinar.
  • The results of Brian’s current marketing system.
  • Jordan’s plan to court agencies.
  • The pros and cons of working with an agency.
  • Jordan’s MicroConf talk subject.
  • How Dan Andrews’s work has helped Jordan prepare.
  • How to present ROI in content.
  • Ops Calendar update.
  • Brian’s efforts to reconnect with Ops Calendar.
  • Brian’s developer issues and the immediate needs he is seeing within his team.

Resources Mentioned Today:

A 15 Minute Guide – How to Prepare a Conference Presentation Quickly by Dan Andrews


Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

MicroConf 2018

Ops Calendar

Productize Course

Productize and Scale

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2018

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