Culture & Onboarding

Culture & Onboarding

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Brian and Jordan are back for the third week in a row. We talk about their plans for the next couple of weeks (Slovania and BigSnowTinyConf). We also go through a few current and upcoming updates. We pose a few questions including, when you have a new product, do you take longer and make base features, or differentiate first? How do you feel about working remotely or working in a coworking space with other people? Do you hire an individual freelancer or go to an agency?

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Dealing with hurdles as an entrepreneur
  • The great things about micro confs and small conferences
  • Jordan’s team shifting and upcoming changes
  • Brian’s timing with shutting off self-sign-up
  • Brian’s new demos
  • Brian’s new developer and small updates 
  • Jordan’s weekly demos: where are your shortfalls?
  • Remote versus office work
  • The resiliency of hard workers and keeping a balance at work
  • Jordan’s buckets for Carthook


BigSnowTinyConf, website


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