[40] Doing Customer Research

[40] Doing Customer Research

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In this episode, Jordan and Brian do a deep dive into doing Customer Research.  You know, talking to customers, and putting in the time to truly understand who they are, what they value, and how you can leverage that “intel” to better position your product in the early days and beyond.


Brian’s update:

  • I’m trying to optimize my work day, putting creative stuff in the morning, and emails, calls and other crap in the afternoons.
  • Early-bird tickets for Big Snow Tiny Conf are now on sale, so if you want to join a small group of founders and hit the slopes at Sugarbush, VT in January, reserve your spot now.

Jordan’s update:

  • My mixergy interview got published which was really exciting on a personal level and also cranked up the business side of things
  • The sales funnel course is all done!

In This Episode…

  • Why doing (or not doing) customer research truly makes or breaks a business.
  • Brian’s 8-step process for doing customer research, which he’s done on 3 out 4 of his businesses (spoiler alert:  The 4th one didn’t turn out so well)
  • Which questions to ask when we do customer interviews
  • Jordan’s “Idea Extraction” process that he learned from Dayne Maxwell’s Foundation training.


  • Adrian Gray

    Thanks guys, that was some awesome stuff! It gave me a world of new ideas that I can’t wait to try it out for my next project…

    • Great to hear Adrian. Thanks for tuning in!

      *Brian Casel*

  • Pamela Hirsch

    I’m new to your podcast and this is the first one I’ve listened to. I wanted to thank you both so much for the straight, clear-cut advice. Like you mentioned early on, Brian, we all know we should do customer research (get told that by the experts all the time) but most of the time no one tells you how. I love your process and am going to use it – right now!


    • Great to hear, thanks for tuning in Pamela! Glad you found the process helpful.

      *Brian Casel*