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Day by Day

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It turns out when we work from home and we’re under quarantine, we can upload pretty consistently. Welcome back to the podcast, everyone. Things are still weird out there with COVID-19 and we’re just trying to take things day-by-day. Everything is so unstable and unpredictable. We’ll share fears and commiserate together.

Today we’re talking about how everything is connected, how the quarantine is affecting everything, the CARES Act for small businesses, and we’ll talk about more updates on what’s going on with Productize, ProcessKit, and CartHook.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan talks about how the quarantine is affecting everyone (podcasts/podcasters, family, business owners, etc.)
  • The stimulus AKA the PPP Loan CARES Act
  • Who should get the money? Should some businesses not get the money?
  • The importance of not getting comfortable with any current success
  • Brian’s Productize and ProcessKit progress
  • ProcessKit Implementor
  • Jordan’s marketing and product progress
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  • SEO, improving content, and quality over quantity for Productize
  • “Memories” of the glass wall


MicroConf PPP Overview

Gusto (All-In-One People/Payroll Platform)

Ben Horowitz: Peacetime vs Wartime CEO, YouTube Video

Simon Sinek’s All-Hands Zoom Meeting Video

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