[50] Getting First Customers For a SaaS, Pricing Your Product, & Other Listener Questions

[50] Getting First Customers For a SaaS, Pricing Your Product, & Other Listener Questions

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In this week’s show we take listener questions on early-stage SAAS sales process, picking your pricing, and more.

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Brian’s update:

  • Listening to Ask Gary Vee episode 45, he said something interesting: “People fall in love with the way they make money” – He was talking about getting too comfortable with the way you’ve always done marketing. You’ve got to constantly be trying out new things, even when what you’re currently doing is working.
  • …Which I really relate to in my Restaurant Engine business. We’ve relied almost exclusively on our content marketing and organic channels to drive new signups and I feel like I’ve become stuck on this strategy for too long.
  • This month I’m working to add a new, more predictable marketing funnel by running some Webinars. So I have our first webinar for Restaurant Engine scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. We’ll see how it goes.
  • On the Productize side of things, this week I sent a survey out to people who didn’t buy so I can try to get a handle on the key objections. Here’s what those were:
    • Some people said “not right now, but plan to buy later” — a common reason cited was that they’re currently going through a different course and don’t want to do several at once.
    • Some felt the price was too high, but they didn’t have unreasonable comments about price. Most said they’d like to see a price point in the 100-200 range.
    • Some said they don’t like video courses and prefer text. I must have done a poor job of communicating that in fact all lessons come in text, audio, and video formats.
    • Some felt they already had a handle on the concept of Productizing… Again I did a poor job of communicating this. 2 thirds of the course go well beyond just picking a service to productize… it gets into systemizing and marketing strategy.
    • …So I’ve got some work to do 🙂

Jordan’s update:

  • Thinking aggressively on the sales front again.
  • Launched a Facebook ad campaign – it’s good to make concrete progress.
  • Really enjoyed Brennan Dunn’s podcast episode with Scott Yewell – http://doubleyourfreelancing.com/100kprojects/ – amazing value and inspiring story. And also related is Brennan’s post on a new agency he’s going to launch that’s a hybrid productized service, with a recurring element to it – http://doubleyourfreelancing.com/new-agency/

In This Episode…

  • Anthony Franco asked about early-stage sales process for his SAAS BetterCater
  • Anthony also asked about liability insurance for web businesses.
  • Ryan Frank asked about pricing for his calendar appointment app TossBlocks



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