[2] How Choosing The Right Feedback Leads To Greater Product Focus – w/ Dan Norris of Inform.ly

Last week, Inform.ly announced the decision to kill two of it’s three products, effectively letting go two-thirds of their paying subscribers!

But it’s actually the right move, for a variety of important reasons.

In this episode, I catch up with Dan Norris, the founder of Inform.ly to hear the whole story behind this game-changing decision.  We dig into how this decision came about, how he’s rolling out this change, and how he’s charting the course ahead with renewed focus for Inform.ly.


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“They said they would pay, so we dropped everything to build it.” – How pivoting backfired & how they corrected itTweet This

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The Big Question

Tell me about one big change or big decision that you made, to change the course of your business during the past year.  

Share that story comments below and I’ll share them on next week’s show, and be sure to include your website URL so we can see what you do.

  • Hey Brian thanks for having me mate, it was a lot of fun.

    • Thanks Dan! Great conversation. Let’s do it again soon.