First Customer Demos, Paid Marketing Funnels, Team Communication

First Customer Demos, Paid Marketing Funnels, Team Communication

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We have both reached a turning point in our marketing campaigns. Jordan has launched a new marketing funnel for Carthook’s Shopify tool. Brian has been running a new marketing campaign for Ops Calendar. We share how the campaigns are working for us and offer each other advice on how to improve our strategies. We also discuss how we keep our team culture positive when we ourselves are super busy and can’t give our undivided attention to individual projects. Our teams are growing and changing and we explore how we are coping with these mostly positive developments. It’s a good time for both Ops Calendar and Carthook!

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Carthook’s new paid marketing campaign.
  • Ops Calendar is finding a new audience and why Brian is excited by this.
  • How Brian uses and makes sense of Audience Ops’ analytics and metrics.
  • How Jordan set up his marketing campaign.
  • Jordan’s 3 blog post marketing strategy.
  • Other insights into email and ad marketing.
  • How we differ in our methods of team building and encouraging positive company culture.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops


Ops Calendar

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