A Formula for Individual Success Metrics + Building a Hiring Engine

Happily, our client loads are increasing, but our staffs are starting to feel the increased workload. So, we need to hire more people to keep up. It’s a good problem to have. On today’s episode, we compare our staffing needs and discuss how we are trying to build a process that frees us both up for “CEO tasks.”  As our businesses grow, our roles change.

Brian shares his plans to cope with a couple of team members exiting the company. While Jordan recently spent some time away with his family. He shares how that trip changed how he looks at his team and responsibilities to the company.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The uptake in business for Audience Ops.
  • Brian’s plan to cope with the increased workload.
  • Filling team positions for growth at Audience Ops.
  • The ups and downs of working with a remote team.
  • Jordan’s recent trip to New York.
  • The “performance equation:” performance= potential – interference.
  • How the performance equation has helped Jordan look at Carthook’s growth differently.
  • How difficult it can be to transition into the “CEO role.”

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops



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