Get-to-Launch Roadmap, Hiring (more) Developers, When to Work on Marketing

We talk about Big Snow Tiny Conf and team growth today. Brian had a great time up at Vermont’s Big Snow Tiny Conf and has some awesome take-a-ways to share. Jordan is growing his team and is getting ready for a big marketing push.

We both have some useful insights into team management and creating a successful product funnel. This is a good episode to see what goes into a product launch and how a project has several launches.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Big Snow Tiny Conf
  • Kara Swisher on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.
  • Tax season for Startups.
  • Jordan’s new developer.
  • Ways to structure team management.
  • Josh Pigford’s latest blog post.
  • Why we stopped consuming business advice.
  • When we consume new business advice.
  • Brian’s new developer.
  • The benefits of hiring new team members.
  • Brian’s advice for marketing to Jordan.
  • Jordan’s Stave Ups talk.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops Calendar

Audience Ops Training Program


Starve Ups

Big Snow Tiny Conf

Tim Ferriss Podcast

The Startup Echo Chamber is Making You Deaf, by: Josh Pigford

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