Growing The Product Line & Shifting Priorities

Growing The Product Line & Shifting Priorities

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Our episode today is just a basic update episode. A lot is going on in Audience Ops and Carthook and we are both just trying to keep up. We talk about the challenges we’re facing and how we plan to deal with them.

Jordan is focusing more on the checkout product on Carthook. The market just seems to be pushing towards that.

Brian is learning how to cope with his new role in Audience Ops. After growing the team he is now more of a coach and has to deal with letting go of some aspects of the business.

We talk about these things and other things that are just on our minds.

The points we discussed today are below:

  • Introducing guests to the show. “Bootstrapped Parties”
  • Creating processes for the PPC add on service for Audience Ops
  • The future of Carthook’s checkout service
  • The pros and cons of shifting product focus
  • The delay of Audience Ops’ training product
  • Hiring writers vs. hiring managers
  • Brian’s change to coach
  • Retooling Audience Ops’ processes
  • The reality of running a SaaS business

Resources Mentioned Today:


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