Holiday Hustle vs. Rest And Community Marketing

Holiday Hustle vs. Rest And Community Marketing

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Today we discuss a really heated topic that popped up on Twitter over the holiday break. A Twitter flame war was started by a post chastising business owners for not working through the holidays. We have some thoughts on the subject and we discuss the changing world social media has ushered in for bootstrapped companies.

Jordan discusses some growing pains he has been experiencing with the new Carthook team. He shares some lessons he has taken away from the experience and how he is trying to find the company’s footing and optimal path for 2018. He also has some exciting news… Carthook has reached the 100 million dollar threshold!

Brian is facing a major shift of focus in his company. He will now be putting his energy into the Productize Course. The course will be his flagship product. He even has plans to change his branding. He will change CasJam to Productize and Scale. He is really excited about this change and is looking forward to a new start in 2018.

Here are today’s topics:

  • The Twitter flame war over the break.
  • How Jordan and Brian find balance in their business and personal life.
  • Why “work guilt” is unhealthy.
  • Jordan’s new marketing coach and what he has taught him.
  • The cryptocurrency fad.and what it could mean for bootstrappers.
  • What Jordan has learned from using Salesmachine.
  • Brian’s plan for test driven development.
  • will soon be, and why Brian is making the change.
  • Why Brian wants to build a company community in 2018.
  • Andy Raskin’s Drift post.
  • Josh Pigford’s latest blog post.
  • How social media has totally changed marketing and research and development.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Growth Hacking is Manipulation by Josh Pigford


Ops Calendar

Productize Course

Restrict Content Pro


The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year by Andy Raskin

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