[52] Exactly How to Build a Sales Funnel From Scratch, and Why

[52] Exactly How to Build a Sales Funnel From Scratch, and Why

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Today we talk about exactly how to build a sales funnel from scratch. We cover WHY a sales funnel is important, and exactly how to create one.

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Brian’s update:

  • I listened to Rob Walling’s new audio documentary which follows their launch of Drip.  Listen to it here: http://www.startupstoriespodcast.com/
    • I really enjoyed it, even as a podcast listener and a Drip customer. I kinda knew the general outline of the story, but this really gives a closer look at their thought process while things are happening — exactly the kind of real world case study that I love.
    • My big takeaway from it was how laser focused Rob is when it comes to figuring out WHO is Drip’s actual customer. That changed over the course of that first year for Drip, and it was interesting to hear their process truly understanding who their customers are, and why they might look at using Drip in their business.
    • I’m really glad they moved toward the email automation stuff, because I’m definitely in that group.
  • My RE Webinar was a complete failure 🙁 …Everything that could have gone wrong did.
  • This month I’m re-working my marketing funnel for Restaurant Engine, starting with the top of the funnel, a new video series for restaurant owners. I’ll report back on this in January and February once this new funnel really kicks into action.

Jordan’s update:

  • Travel is bad for productivity, but really good for strategic thinking.
  • Been feeling like CartHook is at a crossroads and I need to decide on the right path forward for 2015.
  • Been feeling stressed out by the fact that the way I’m doing things now is not achieving the results I want, so I need to come to terms with the fact that I need to change HOW I do things, not just what I do.

In This Episode…

How to build a sales funnel:

Step 1:  Customer Avatar

  • Define your target customer. This is super critical. Get this right and everything will be easier and more effective.

Step 2: Desired End Result

  • You need to identify the real desired end result of your customer. This is what your content will be helping them get closer to achieving.

Step 3: Email Nurture Sequence

  • Your email content should provide value that brings your prospect closer and closer to their desired end result.

Step 4: Offer and Follow Up

  • Make sure to position your offer as valuable. And don’t just make the offer once, follow-up!

Step 5: Lead Magnet

  • Create a lead magnet that leads into your funnel, takes a few minutes to consumer, addresses a specific problem, and doesn’t take you more than a few hours to create.

Step 6: Software Integration

  • There’s a reason software comes last. It’s because it’s the least important part of this whole thing. With that in mind, I recommend you do two things. First, keep things as simple as possible. Second, use software that’s built for this purpose.