[35] Why Do an Info Product?

[35] Why Do an Info Product?

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Info products (or educational products).  Why create them?  Why buy them?  In this episode, we bat around questions like these and much more.

In this episode…

  • What is an Info Product, really?
  • Why create an Info Product?
  • Why do people buy Info Products?
  • The process (and lessons) both Jordan and Brian have learned / are learning as they create Info Products.
  • Can a beginner create an Info Product?
  • And a whole lot more banter…


  • Rick Dass

    Hey Guys, really enjoyed the podcast. For transparency, Jordan… I take it you are productizing the Cashflow Consulting Course by Sam Ovens that you did? Also on your site, the testimonials are all from previous Foundation participants – are you working with them all? I see their testimonials on other sites too. Would like to hear you elaborate on this. Thanks.

    • jordangal

      Hey Rick, you’re on the money. I took the CFC course, and was offering three things: 1. website 2. funnel 3. after-the-sale

      After doing that for about 2 months I decided to focus only on #2 because that’s what I enjoyed most and where I think I can provide the most value, and then “productized” it the way you see on BanyanTreeDigital.

      If you listen to this episode at about 57:30, you’ll hear me describe the steps I took. That first big step was offering the service for free to a private Facebook group. That was the Foundation group! I worked with them to build their funnels for free and in exchange they gave me great feedback and testimonials. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without them.

      Over the next few days I’ll get a testimonial up there from a paying client I just finished a project with. Step by step baby!

  • joshgates

    Welcome to Portland Jordan~!