Inviting First Customers / App Stores

Inviting First Customers / App Stores

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Hey, we’re back and we’ve got some lessons and updates to share with you! Both of us have plans to travel over the next few weeks. Jordan will be visiting his Slovenia team and Brian will be attending WP Elevation. Carthook and ProcessKit are both at a pivotal stage of growth and we try to encourage each other during this episode to keep pushing forward and learn from our mistakes.

Brian also has a couple announcements. Productize will be opening up to new users on June 7, 2019, it will last for about a week. Also, he will be hosting a live Q&A session for his users and potential users on July 11th. So, if Productize sounds like something you could use in your business, keep an eye out for these events.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s team has grown and creating a fun and diverse culture.
  • The tweet that went viral and haunts Brian.
  • How Jordan and his team are responding to a security issue.
  • The first and second rounds of invites to ProcessKit, how’s it going?
  • Brian’s expectations for the early stages of ProcessKit.
  • Why Brian has gone ahead and set up a billing system in ProcessKit.
  • Mistakes Carthook made while trying to overhaul analytics and what they learned.
  • Jordan’s plans to build an app and make Carthook a platform.
  • Update on Brian’s new marketing page for Productize.

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WP Elevation

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