KPI Dashboards, Hiring Sales vs. Customer Success, & Solo Founders

KPI Dashboards, Hiring Sales vs. Customer Success, & Solo Founders

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Today Brian and Jordan discuss growth. In Jordan’s case he is dealing with sudden growth, and in Brian’s case, he is planning for growth. Both share how they are handling this wonderful problem.

Jordan has been focused on getting Carthook’s marketing up and running again, but it has become clear that his team needs him to focus on improving the customer support. It has been a struggle to really pinpoint what the team needs. Jordan calls it “customer success,”  but Brian isn’t so sure that’s the best title for the position.

Brian is working on his KPI (Key Performance Indicators.) While making the dashboard for these KPI, he learned that sometimes you need to just hire someone. Brian is also planning to do some hiring, he needs two project managers and a writer. He caps off today’s topics with an article from the website Baremetrics.

Here are the conversation points:

  • Brian’s four major categories for his KPI.
  • When to know you need to hire someone.
  • Jordan’s ever-growing stress.
  • Jordan’s undefinable job description.
  • What does “customer success” mean?
  • What Jordan needs for this new position.
  • The importance of taking care of “home base.”
  • Brian’s hiring needs.
  • Josh Pigford’s blog post.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Being a Solo Founder: Pros, Cons, Tips, and Tricks, by Josh Pigford

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  • Roland

    Have been entertained listening to a few of these podcasts. Thanks!

    I thought that it may be worth mentioning if it helps anyone, but I use Graylog for system error reporting, customer tracking and pretty much everything because it lets you slice and dice things very easily, lets you create dashboards and you can mix and match pretty much anything from any source. A bit of a learning curve to set up, but great for a complete overview of the business.