[33] Launch Your Product Business… By Getting a Job?

[33] Launch Your Product Business… By Getting a Job?

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If you’re making the transition from freelance to launching a product business, it’s a struggle.  That’s a long, and very challenging transition to make.

Take it from me, and also my guest today, Brad Tousnard.  We both made that transition and learned lots of things the hard way.

So we decided to share some of those lessons learned, to hopefully make your transition a bit smoother.  And here’s an idea… Why not get a job to pay the bills while you’re getting your product off the ground?

Not just any job.  What if your boss actually told you that from the day one, the goal is to design the position give you the flexibility to do exactly that.  That’s what Brad is offering in his latest opening at his company, DeliciousBrains.  They make the very popular DB Migrate Pro plugin for WordPress.  He wrote all about this opportunity in his blog post today.

By the way, Brad and I co-run a little conference / ski getaway called Big Snow Tiny Conf.  The next one is happening in late January 2015, so get on the list if you’re interested!

In this episode:

  • The concept behind Brad’s unique developer job opening
  • Why freelancing or working for an agency while you build your product is less than ideal.
  • The story of how Brad made his transition from freelance into products.
  • My story of how I did the same.
  • The huge mistakes we made (and how we still managed to do it in the end)
  • and more…


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    I’m from Alberta as well. Great podcast!