[48] Launch Sequence & a Case Study of Brian’s Productize Course Launch

[48] Launch Sequence & a Case Study of Brian’s Productize Course Launch

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Today in episode 48, Jordan and Brian talk through every detail, metric, and strategy from Brian’s recent launch of his course, Productize.  Yes, you’ll hear all of the numbers, but more importantly, you’ll get the sequence of events that led up to this launch, and why it was a success.

Bonus:  Download this entire launch sequence — All of the emails, dates, and notes — along with Brian’s recap article where he shared other lessons learned on this project, over on Brian’s blog at: casjam.com/launch

But first…


Brian’s update:

  • My one big goal for this month is do our first webinar for Restaurant Engine / Hotel Propeller…
  • …But all the “little things” are getting in the way

Jordan’s update:

  • New CartHook integrations are starting to roll – plan on being aggressive on the “integration marketing” front with a personal approach that’s been working so far
  • Toiled on an SEO strategy – came up with a content/SEO hybrid that I’m really excited about
  • Believe it or not I’m actually working on my first blog post and plan to publish that next week.

In this episode…

It’s an in-depth case study of Brian’s launch of his course and workshop, Productize.  We cover in detail:

  • The final sales numbers, mailing list numbers, and breakdown.
  • Rewind and figure out why this was the right idea to pursue as a product.
  • How Brian went about doing customer research to know what his audience really wanted.
  • The exact sequence of emails and blog posts leading up to (and past) the launch.
  • How Brian used guest posts and guest podcasts to promote the launch.