Launching 2nd Products w/ Ruben Gamez

Launching 2nd Products w/ Ruben Gamez

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Welcome back to Bootstrapped Web. Our guest today is Ruben Gamez, the founder of We are talking to Ruben today because Bidsketch is getting ready to launch a new product. Since we both are launching new products we thought it would be good to compare notes.

Bidsketch’s main product has been a proposal tool. Now they want to add a signature app to their brand. Today we discuss how to research for a new product and how to handle expanding when there are competitors.

We compare notes about our own product lines and how to get the customers to notice.

Here are today’s topics:

  • How to find positioning and distribution for a new product.
  • Why begin a separate product line.
  • Finding the “why” when people don’t use your product.
  • How to focus on two product lines.
  • Creating a good elevator pitch.
  • Finding your hook.
  • Asking the right questions of new customers.
  • How to reach people outside of your network.
  • Ruben’s timeline.
  • How to find the gaps in your competitor’s products.
  • Why you shouldn’t copy just to copy a competitor.

If you are interested in Bidsketch and their new product, you can go to or find Ruben on Twitter.

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