Launching a New Service in 5 Days & Hitting Your Product Stride

Launching a New Service in 5 Days & Hitting Your Product Stride

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We have some big news coming up the following weeks. Brian discussed his recent experience with Facebook ads and the pros and cons of marketing on the platform. Jordan shares his found  his new found security in his business. We are really excited about the new rewrites and product launches and we talk about it all!

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s Facebook ads and the results.
  • Jordan’s new confidence in Carthook.
  • Tweaking the Calendar app for beta testers.
  • Brian’s new service Audience Ops Express.
  • The reasons people leave Audience Ops.
  • How Audience Ops Express would change those reasons.
  • Carthook’s new release.
  • How to move into a self serve business model.
  • Audience Op’s Calendar gets a new name.
  • Gearing up for Microconf. Las Vegas.

Resources Mentioned Today:


Audience Ops

Ops Calendar

MicroConf. Las Vegas

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  • Robert Andrews

    My favourite podcast, guys. Go on and on.

  • Great episode!

    Love that you both had success ignoring the “objection” by asking deeper questions.

    Its a sales move called “Reversing” David Sandler was a BIG proponent, and when done well is amaze. It allows you to take back the high ground and not get into small arguments but instead drive to the core of the hesitation/issue etc. all while remaining aloof.

    Also a prospect’s first objection is NEVER real.

    Jordan’s prospect didnt care about the price & your prospect didnt care about Instagram. they’ve just been taught by weak salespeople that if they object to something that is patently true (it doesnt come in blue, you dont have X feature, your price is higher, etc.) that MOST salespeople quit right there. One simple objection and they turn tail.

    tl;dr its never about price, ROI maybe?

    Great episode and Brian is a WILDMAN, just can quit them there Productized Services…

    PS – Jordan’s a wimp, 3 demos and your day is wrecked? I’m averaging 6 booked, 5 attended, and I’m building a damned sales team and training/managing them also. It’s OK. We all have special skills. At least you’ve got Broadway to fall back on right? 🙂