• onno_solin

    Hi Brian and Jordan,

    First of all, thanks for all the excellent podcasts so far!

    I was looking to download episode 60, “From Leads to Trials to Customers”, but I ran into a technical glitch. Maybe I’m on the wrong side of a CDN server or something?

    Requesting http://content.blubrry.com/bootstrappedweb/60-from-leads-to-trials-to-customer.mp3 gives me an xml file with an “Access denied”.


    • Hey Onno – The mp3 download link should be fixed now. Thanks!

      *Brian Casel*

  • Guy

    Hi Brian and Jordan,

    Fantastic to hear you both discussing and sharing your ideas. I am very grateful.

    I wanted to add a few thoughts on Brian’s design. From what I can see, Trello sounds great and helps to bridge the gap at an early start-up where you don’t really want to invest in separate CRM and service management platforms.

    But what I found disappointing when I looked into connecting Trello to Gravity forms was that (as you mentioned) this solution required Zapier to connect between Gravity Forms and Trello at an extra cost of $20 per month. OK, so not so bad if the solution works well.
    But adding to that, I find Gravity Forms requires you to go for the full $199/a subscription to get the Zapier integration.
    So for the GF to Z to T solution you are looking at $41.58 per month.

    There are other solutions where you can connect a CRM (such as Insightly) on a starter subscription direct to a quality form builder such as Form Craft thus avoiding Zapier and the developer level subscription in Gravity Forms. You can also connect both to MailChimp at no extra cost from the basic packages from both.

    Of course what works for someone doesn’t work for someone else, and Brian has had a lot of positive experience with this solution already which of course goes a long way, but I felt the solution over complicates and forces a lean start-up to be paying multiple monthly fees when it isn’t necessary for the equivalent elsewhere.

    Guy Lewis
    Melody Pods

    • Brian

      Thanks Guy –

      I already have a Gravity Forms developer license, which I use on hundreds of sites. And I also use Zapier for quite a few integrations. So these are services I’m already heavily using anyway, which make them a perfect fit here.

      I also don’t use Mailchimp anymore, I use Drip. I’ve been able to integrate GF + Drip to trigger targeted email campaigns based on what the person entered in the contact form.

      Bottom line, these tools all give us the fine-grain control to tweak our operations exactly how we need. There are other more complete solutions, but this works pretty well for us.