[30] Learn How to Systematize Like The Big Boys

[30] Learn How to Systematize Like The Big Boys

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What can a solo bootstrapped founder learn from the corporate world? Systems.  You may have noticed that systems, automation, and outsourcing have been a running theme here on the blog lately.  Well in my day-to-day work running my business, it’s more than a running theme.  Systems are everything. Today I’m joined by Kyle Brown, an expert when it comes to systematization.  He designed and managed large-scale systems operations for the corporate world before going on his own and doing the same on a small business level. He’s gearing up to release his book, Systematize, which will teach you the A to Z of systemization for a new small business owner.

In This Episode…

  • Why systemizing matters
  • When you should create procedures
  • What types of tasks can be systematized (and which one’s not to systemize)
  • How to get your team to adopt procedures and collaborate on them
  • Tools and tips for creating systems and procedures that actually help you grow your business

Show Notes