[27] Let’s Dissect This Email Marketing Automation Sequence with Daniel Faggella (Science of Skill)

This week I’ve been working on our sales funnel on Restaurant Engine, specifically our email automation sequence. That is — once a person enters their email on one of our opt-in forms, what happens after that?

I’ve been looking at upgrading from mailchimp to maybe Infusionsoft or one of these other tools, which would allow me to go beyond a basic autoresponder, and get into true “marketing automation”. A tag-based approach, where a new subscriber receives much more targeted and personalized messages, at just the right time.

That’s what I’m trying to learn and trying to implement in my business right now. And it’s funny because I didn’t plan it this way, but my guest today happens to be an email automation expert.

Dan Faggella joins me today to drop some knowledge on what this email automation stuff is really all about. And in fact, he was nice enough to share his screen and actually walk me through the back-end of his Infusionsoft account, actually showing us how he has setup the email sequences on his site.

Show Notes

  • richardpatey

    Wow this was an awesome interview – I too am at the point of wanting to implement marketing automation across my businesses and this was the best demostration of infusionsoft I’ve seen yet, far better than their own onboarding process! Thanks both.