[55] Leveraging Other People as a Solo Founder

[55] Leveraging Other People as a Solo Founder

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Here’s a truth we don’t often admit: working with other people will increase our odds of success. Deal with it.

Today we talk about how solo founders can leverage other people to achieve their goals. Whether you’re trying to launch a product, get traction, or grow faster, working with other people will almost certainly help you make it happen.

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Brian’s update:

  • Looking to hire a developer.
  • Firing up a new sales funnel… Lots of pieces to work out.

Jordan’s update:

  • Finally back in Portland!
  • I’m looking for a CTO, ideally in the Portland area.

In This Episode…

How to leverage other people as a Solo Founder:


  • Think beyond yourself and your skills.
  • ROI of investing in people… What will YOU get to do with more free time?

Getting to launch…

  • Contractors on project basis.
  • Find a developer to build it in exchange for a piece of the business.
  • Get a marketer to drum up demand in exchange for partnership.

Early traction…

  • YOU need to make this happen – if you can’t do it you’re in trouble.
  • Hustling.
  • Cold email.
  • Do not sit and wait for things to happen.
  • Understand that your performance now will dictate your options later – act like you’re being watched by an outsider because you probably will be.


  • Hourly employees / part-time to full time.
  • Selling the dream to people that you can’t currently afford to hire.
    • What’s in it for them?
      • Flexible schedule
      • Work on challenging projects
      • Learning opportunity
  • Realize that you have more options than you think you do.
    • Giving away equity in the business
    • Giving a share of revenue
    • Raising money
    • Going into debt
    • Providing less experienced people a place to develop their skills


  • Another great episode guys! Thanks… btw you mentioned Microconf, which I really want to attend this year. Stoked you guys are planning on going. Any inside on when it’s happening?

    • Thanks Melanie! MicroConf Vegas is April 13-15. I expect tickets officially go on sale this month.

      *Brian Casel*

      • Yeah! Can attend MC and NMX! Double conf-wammy! 🙂 Will be quite a party down in LV. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

  • Great stuff as usual. Brian – I think you get hit up blindly for partnerships because of this very podcast. We, as listeners, almost feel like we know you and could watch your kid for you…meanwhile, you have no idea (for the most part) who the listeners are. So I can see why someone would send you a random email like that lol.

    Anyways – looking forward to meeting you and Jordan at MicroConf. It’s April 12th through the 14th (Sunday-Tuesday) I believe.


    • Thanks Justin! Hah, well I hope listeners here know better than that 🙂 The folks who reach out to me tend be very random / out of left field sometimes.

      Awesome, looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!

      *Brian Casel*

  • This is an inspiring story of how these solo founders launched their startup on their own. But in this business, it is important to leverage the skills and knowledge of others. There are things that you wouldn’t know or be able to do on your own. Hence, it is important to leverage other people to help propel growth for your own business.

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