Marketing Plans for 2020

Marketing Plans for 2020

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Brian and Jordan are back! We talk about holiday plans, the work-from-home life and coworking spaces, seeing and working with other human beings, spending all of our money at Starbucks, and the latest in marketing techniques. We talk about our past marketing mistakes and what went well, as well as what we plan on doing in the future.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Sunrise and Audience Ops stats
  • Brian’s Explainer Video Series
  • Case studies content: testimonials, and interviews
  • Audience Ops team changes/shifting
  • What to do to help a team member complete a transition from one job to another
  • Black Friday stats for Carthook
  • Process Kit stats
  • Carthook marketing
  • SEO and content focus for 2020
  • Process Templates for Process Kit



Audience Ops Case Studies 

Making an Explainer Video Series 



Out of Beta podcast  

Rework Podcast with DHH and Dave Teare  

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