Pricing Page Teardown, Employee Onboarding, Company Transparency

Pricing Page Teardown, Employee Onboarding, Company Transparency

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Today on Bootstrapped Web Jordan and Brian discuss what’s going on in their individual businesses.

Brian is setting up Ops Calendar and takes today’s episode as a chance to get Jordan’s feedback from the customer’s point of view. Listeners who are interested in Ops Calendar can get excited because Brian gives a detailed description of what his service offers.

Jordan has had some problems with retaining new team members. He shares what he has learned about the hiring process and how he keeps company morale high. He also shares a new service he has found for businesses who hire team members in different states and he is psyched by his results.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • The benefits of providing hardware and tools to your remote team members.
  • The role trust plays in working with a remote team.
  • Ops Calendar is going live!
  • Jordan’s advice to Brian regarding Ops Calendar’s structure.
  • What Ops Calendar can do for each tier.
  • Why a business should always be recruiting.
  • The importance of staying positive when business isn’t going as expected.
  • How much transparency is too much?
  • Why the service Officeengine is awesome!

Resources Mentioned Today:


Ops Calendar


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