Pricing Questions / SaaS vs. Service

Pricing Questions / SaaS vs. Service

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We’ve got a party episode today. We welcome Rob Williams of Workshop and Folyo. Allan Branch joins us later on in the episode when we discuss his time with Less Accounting.

Today’s topic was primarily pricing. How to price effectively, why to price at a certain level, and what pricing can do for your business. This episode was a great discussion on how value to the customer is reflected in the pricing of a service or product. We had some great insights today and maybe we’ll help you decide how to price your own service or product.

Here are today’s topics:

  • Rob’s service Workshop. What is it?
  • Why Rob has recently changed the pricing of the service.
  • The art of pricing.
  • How pricing attracts the “right” clientele.
  • What is Folyo?
  • To do or not to do a Free Trial.
  • What is Audience Ops Calendar?
  • How to offer value to a customer.
  • Catching up with Allan Branch.
  • Why you are always beholden to somebody.
  • Why Allan and his team sold Less Accounting.

Resources Mentioned Today:



Less Everything


Audience Ops Calendar

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