More Questions Than Answers in 2019

More Questions Than Answers in 2019

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We are shying away from discussing goals or resolutions for the businesses this year. Instead, we reflect on how the bootstrapped world and business models have changed. A lot of approaches and marketing techniques have gone by the wayside in the last two years. We share our observations of how self-funding has changed as a strategy.

We also talk about the big D-word (downturn) and the real possibility that 2019 might be a major game-changing year for the economy.

Today’s conversation points:

  • Our holiday plans.
  • A look back at Brian’s 2018.
  • Sunrise KPI is live!
  • Jordan’s summary of 2018.
  • Why we are forgetting about goals and resolutions.
  • How the bootstrapped world has changed since the beginning of this podcast.
  • What works in self-funding now.
  • The current realistic expectations of the bootstrapping model.
  • How VC funding is going to change in 2019.
  • The pending economic downturn and how to prepare for it.

Resources Mentioned Today:

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Sunrise KPI


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