[43] How to Raise Prices, Outsourcing, and Other Listener Questions

[43] How to Raise Prices, Outsourcing, and Other Listener Questions

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In this week’s show we take listener questions about raising prices, validating product ideas, automating lead gen, and more.

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Brian’s update:

  • It’s crunch time, and it’s getting a little stressful. I am planning to open my course, Productize, on October 21st. But I have A LOT to do in order to make that happen. Namely, produce all of the lesson videos. So I’m working later than I usually do, and spending some weekends in the office to make it happen.
  • Once this is launched, I want to take a short break at the end of October to regroup and refresh. Then dive back into Restaurant Engine in November.

Jordan’s update:

  • Focused on CartHook and making progress on multiple fronts. New features being built, hiring a developer to build new shopping cart integrations, and I’m spending my time on sales and marketing.
  • Staying focused on CartHook until the marketing systems are in place, but doing a lot of thinking about the consulting front. Developing my strategy for shorter term revenue that combines consulting with an online course.

In This Episode…

  • Matt Medeiros of Matt Report asked about the upcoming product launch of Conductor, a WordPress plugin (that looks amazing, btw).
  • Matt Ward of The Art of the Kickstart asked about productizing his Kickstarter consulting business.
  • Alejandro Ruiz asked about automating lead generation on Facebook.
  • Julio Barros asked about validating an idea whose audience is primarily offline.
  • John Hooley asked about evaluating new opportunities as a bootstrapper.
  • Two listeners asked about the challenge of raising prices when they’re outsourcing the work.



Do you have questions or topics you want us to cover? Leave a comment below and we’ll make it happen.