What If We Ran Your Business (For the Fun of It)?

What If We Ran Your Business (For the Fun of It)?

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Things are getting back to normal in our respective business worlds. Brian has launched his podcasting service and Jordan is back to business as usual after a visit from Ben and Rok. Today we kick off our “armchair quarterbacking” sessions, and we are starting with Andrew Culver’s SaaS product, Bullet Train.

We also give general updates on what is going with Carthook and Audience Ops. So tune in to hear about Brian’s new service and Jordan’s newfound ambition after having a rare full team meetup.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • How having Rok and Ben around has energized Carthook’s team.
  • The presentations and social activities that helped Jordan’s team get better in step with each other.
  • Adjusting back to regular business after Rok and Ben left.
  • Brian’s new podcasting service.
  • The hiring process Brian is using to build his podcast service.
  • An update on the Productize Course and Brian’s closed cart approach.
  • Jordan’s upcoming conference projects.
  • The struggle of working during business travel.
  • The benefit of doing one-on-one discussions with your employees.
  • The first armchair quarterbacking session: Bullet Train.
  • Why agencies would be the best fit for Bullet Train.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Audience Ops

Bullet Train




Shopify Unite

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  • Ray

    Bullet Train Marketing:
    How about they offer a “developer version” for a price point similar to Laravel Spark – which comes with limited developer type support. When it comes time for the users app to go live they need to upgrade to the professional version (more expensive) and also get improved support? They could possibly also increase yearly maintenance based on the number of users of the app or the amount of recurring revenue.

    Love the podast btw, keep it up 🙂