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Remotely Working on Working Remotely

Remotely Working on Working Remotely

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We’re back for another episode of Bootstrapped Web. This episode is all about our thoughts on quarantine hair, having our kids at home, and working from home challenges. We’re talking about how to make working-from-home better, happier, and more productive.

This week’s ad is for Council.Club, which is an invite-only site that helps remote workers find like-minded people in order to expand their work community and collaborate together.

We also go over the issues stemming from working remotely while you go through the resignation and hiring process with your team. Jordan struggles with managing emotions and expectations remotely. Meanwhile, ProcessKit has a fantastic (and big) new feature in the works and Brian goes over his sales and onboarding goals.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • How working from home has altered our schedules
  • Brian’s drive-arounds and how they’ve helped
  • Jordan’s stand-up desk
  • Friday realizations about productivity
  • This week’s ad: Council.Club
    • Top-Level Domains
    • Memberships and the vetting process
    • Landing pages for each type of cohort
  • Jordan’s issues with working remotely with his team
  • Going through the resignation and hiring process while working remotely
  • Brian ships conditional logic in ProcessKit
  • The importance of testing
  • Managing emotions and expectations remotely
  • Brian’s goals for sales and onboarding
  • Brian’s out-of-date welcome video





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