Running a Black Friday Sale / Development Process

Running a Black Friday Sale / Development Process

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2017 has been a phenomenal year for Jordan and Brian. On today’s episode, they give the audience an update on the businesses and offer a glimpse into their plans for 2018.

Brian is going to shift focus to Productize and relaunch a bigger and better product later. This means he will be closing enrollment in the course and beginning the maintenance phase of this upgrade. He shares how he reached this decision and why he is excited by the new possibilities it can bring.

Jordan is adjusting to a growing business and finding ways to restructure his processes to make Carthook more efficient. He uses his previous experience over the last year to prepare Brian for his up-coming wild ride.

The guys also share some new tools and resources that have found to make this new stage in their businesses a little easier.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Brian’s shift to working on Productize during the month of December.
  • Jordan’s look back over his year, from an investor’s point of view.
  • Coping with a larger team and the issues that arise.
  • Brian’s awesome Black Friday!
  • Brian’s plans for relaunching Productize.
  • Jordan’s new team members and the importance of good content writing.
  • How Jordan is restructuring his processes.
  • The trade-offs a team has to make for the sake of speed.
  • How to build a great product without slowing down the project.

Resources Mentioned Today:


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Productize Course

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