SaaS Momentum, Servicing Demand, & Why Amazon Bought WholeFoods

We cover a lot in this episode of Bootstrapped Web. We give our listeners an update on both companies’ progress and we discuss some exciting news in the startup world. Brian shares some of the goals he has for Audience Ops in the near future. Jordan has an awesome story to share about his new VIP client.  We compare our business needs and consider the unexpected problems that come with growth.

We also discuss two really insightful articles that just came out, Amazon’s New Customer, by Ben Thompson and Why I Bought Your Software by Justin Jackson. Both articles are great reads and we have some good takeaways from them.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Jordan’s new VIP customer.
  • Ben Thompson’s latest article.
  • The Amazon and Whole Foods merger.
  • Why the merger is a good thing.
  • Lessons Jordan has learned from his new hire.
  • The benefits of mastermind groups.
  • The biggest expense for any growing company.
  • How do you know when you’ve reached “feature completeness?”
  • Brian’s Ops Calendar update.
  • Justin Jackson’s latest article.
  • Seeking Wisdom with David Cancel.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Amazon’s New Customer, by Ben Thompson

Audience Ops



Front App


Ops Calendar

Seeking Wisdom

Why I Bought Your Software, by Justin Jackson

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