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This is four weeks in a row now. Quarantine life is conducive to podcasting. Coronavirus has put people into precarious positions right now. What should be on our priority lists? How do you handle traumatic or dramatic events during a global crisis like Coronavirus? Especially while we’re all working remotely.

Today we’re talking about what’s going on behind the scenes at Carthook, Brian’s sense of Coronavirus urgency, and personnel and communication issues within a company (where to draw boundaries, what expectations are, and good practices), the Seder, shopping in masks, and being protein-driven.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Some happenings inside Jordan’s business
  • Coronavirus urgency and self-imposed pressure
  • Managing Jordan and managing chutzpah
  • Communication issues
  • How to heal from a work issue when working remotely
  • Negotiating between things you want to do versus time
  • ProcessKit Implementation Service
  • Ordering in versus Shopping In-Person




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