Selling to Teams & Hiring an Assistant

Selling to Teams & Hiring an Assistant

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Hey! We are back from MicroConf and we’ve got some great takeaways from the experience. We discuss the speakers and the talks and how the experience changes for us year to year. We also have some updates for you.

Brian is still working on ProcessKit and is trying to connect with the right customer base. He shares how he is doing it and what he hopes to accomplish it. He is also thinking about marketing the product. We discuss the benefits of hiring a marketer but we also look at the trickiness of finding someone you can work with effectively. Plus, if you know any good technical writers, send them Brian’s way.

Jordan has some exciting milestones to share and a new way of thinking that he hopes will take things to a new level. The Carthook team has grown and the focus has shifted to on-boarding, We discuss the importance of onboarding and making sure your new hire is properly prepared for the job.

Jordan also opens the door to a conversation about hiring personal assistance. There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a personal assistant. Jordan shares the process he went through to find his assistant and why he felt it was a necessary investment for him and Carthook.

Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Our MicroConf experience and takeaways.
  • What are Tick Tock projects?
  • Carthook’s Portland Mastermind
  • Brian’s update on ProcessKit.
  • The common stumbling blocks founders find when looking for customer feedback.
  • How Carthook is trying to improve its new hire onboarding process.
  • Deciding what is valuable in your product and charging accordingly.
  • Why Brian is considering hiring a marketing expert.
  • Jordan’s personal assistant and what she does for him and the company.
  • The hunt for a technical writer in Audience Ops.
  • How to sell your company to a potential hire and still be realistic.

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